Ancient Chinese Human Energy Research

About ShiFu Shi Delon

Dr. Leung YK (Shi DeLon; Leung SumLun)
has maintained his training, learning and dedication to theAncient Chinese Human Energy work of XingQiShu (QiGong) DaoYinShu (TaiChiQuan) for the last 50 years. He is still continuing his training, learning and researching into this fine Chinese heritage of knowledge regarding the human mind and body today. There is plenty visual evidence below to support his ‘martial’, ‘healing’ and ‘teaching’ experiences. It is most unusual for a Chinese ShiFu (teacher) to be cross-examined by both Western and traditional Chinese medical Professors and Doctors in order to defend his knowledge and experience. This demonstrates that Dr. Leung YK is not only ‘knowledgeable’ in his academic ‘Learning curve’ but also ‘well-experienced’ in his practical ‘Training curve’.

From his last 20 years of clinical research, Dr. Leung YK realized that there is a small group of teachers whose interests are purely financial and personal, which has distorted the teaching and knowledge of Ancient Chinese Human Energy. Many ‘self-proclaimed’ Masters are in fact ‘unqualified’ in any respects when it comes to the Methodology GongFa of XingQiDaoYinShu (QiGong and TaiChiQuan). The majority of ‘External workouts WaiGong’ is mistakenly taught as ‘Internal exercises NeiGong’. This ‘blind is leading the blind’ scenario has plunged the majority of students and other interested persons into confusions. The huge ‘illiteracy’ problem in China does not help in rectifying this distorted view. The marvelous ancestral wisdom of ‘self-healing’ of the human mind and body is being misinterpreted and abused.

The work of Dr. Leung YK is hoping to assist those interested in studying the Ancient Chinese Human Energy work through his scientific research instead of the current twisted spiritual and religious influences.

ACHE research is being set up specifically to promote sthis ‘objectivity’. Dr. Leung has been granted a piece of land with planning permission from the provincial government in Slovakia to build a ‘healing and health promotion village YangShengCun’. This complex would include an ACHE research institute; a traditional Chinese Medicine TCM hospital; a University of Chinese culture; a ‘hot Spring Spa’ and the ‘healing and health promotion village YangShengCun’.

Dr. Leung has attended numerous meetings with different interesting parties and he has aroused immense interests with mainland Chinese investment groups. By the end of the first ‘Five years plan’ from starting, Dr. Leung envisage the complex to be fully operational and welcoming all those who are interested in the Chinese healing arts and culture. In order to realize this, the complex would have to train and recruit many ‘physicians’ and ‘therapists’ of Human energy work. Do check this website for more updates and see whether ACHE can offer you something of a lifetime.

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