Ancient Chinese Human Energy Research

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Introduction to ACHE

The word ACHE here embraces two important meanings.

1/ A Chinese teaching says,
‘when there is a ‘blockage’, there will be the sensation of pain (ACHE); when there is no ‘blockage’, there will be no pain…’
It means that when various human energies are not circulating the body well, illnesses would occur.

2/ ACHE here also stands for Ancient Chinese Human Energy

What is Ancient Chinese Human Energy practices?

Throughout the history of the world, there has been a common belief across many cultures that various forms of energy or life forces flow through all living things, connecting them to each other and their environment. In order to benefit ones mental health (XiuXin) and physical health (Xiushen), it is also believed that these energies can be cultivated and manipulated through different methodologies. These methods include those which use ‘External’ stimuli (e.g. acupuncture, herbal therapy, cupping, massage etc.) or ‘Internal’ stimuli (e.g. physical exercise, breathing exercise, meditation to activate the ‘self-healing ZiLiu’ properties of the human mind and body. Many successful cases of self-healing have been recorded and have led to the development and practice of various disciplines in many cultures. Although these practices may have different names, theories and manners, they can be united by the same objective – that is to trigger the process of self-healing (ZiLiu) and health cultivation (YangSheng). In China, various practices have been developed to cultivate and manipulate energy or ‘Qi’ as previously mentioned.

The most fashionable methodologies are XingQiShu - better known as QiGong; DaoYinShu as TaiJiQuan of today. These practices have a long recorded history and are practiced by many enthusiasts around the world for self-healing and health promotional benefits. When the terms ‘Spiritual healing’ or ‘Energy-healing’ are mentioned today, they are often met with great scepticism and dismissed as superstitious, metaphysical or religious practices. However, with the help of modern day science and the advancements in fields such as Neuroscience, Neuro-imaging and Neuro-psychology, a clearer, more science based understanding can be achieved to pave the way for the acceptance of these ancient practices in mainstream science, medicine, and healthcare. This has inspired many people to look further into these ancient teachings around the world in search of techniques that can benefit their physical and mental health today.

What is ACHE research?

It stands for Ancient Chinese Human Energy research. The project was initiated by Dr. Leung Y K (aka Shi DeLon) who has spent 50 years in learning, training and researching into the ancient Chinese concepts of Human energy RenQi. ACHE research aims to look into the history, philosophy, theory and methodology of Human energy practices in China, mostly focusing on the ancient practice of ‘XingQiDaoYinShu’, known today as QiGong and TaiJiQuan. The main ‘Objectivity’ of ACHE will be to separate ‘Spiritual’ or ‘Religious’ elements of the energy practices and study the knowledge in an academic and scientific way. ACHE research aims to provide a modern interpretation of the ancient practices in order to further develop such Methodology GongFa and thus maximising their benefits and understandings. It is also one of the few organisations, which specialising not only in the theory, history, and medical case studies of the ‘ZiFaGong’ or what is now known as spontaneous QiGong (discussed later). ‘ZiFaGong’ is an age-old and the most powerful ‘self-healing’ therapy of the human mind and body, which has been lost throughout history and is often misunderstood today.

The ACHE research includes publications and extracts from a PhD dissertation as well as footage of clinical case studies and interviews with patients, collected over a period of 20 years. Public sharing of such information could hopefully, leads to closer working environment for researchers worldwide. By achieving the minimal criteria of Science – ‘Objectivity’; ‘Explicitness’; ‘Reliability’; ‘Public availability’ and 20 years of DVD film data collection of clinical case studies, the study of XingQiShu (QiGong) and DaoYinShu (TaiChiQuan) can be logically substantiated as Ancient Chinese Science of Human Energy study. (button) Ancient Chinese Human Energy research

The Introduction film (23 mins) The film began with the marvel of LaoZi, a Palace librarian who wrote the well known 5000 words around 2700 years ago. LaoZi described the ‘Creation of the Universe’ in great scientific accuracy while other cultures were too involved with Gods and Spirits. His hypothesis included today’s Astronomical terms like ‘Event Horizon’; ‘Spaghetification’; ‘Black Hole’; ‘Singularity’ and finally the ‘Big Bang’ theory. He illustrated how the ‘Heaven Tian’ was created before the ‘Earth Di’ was consolidated. Finally, similar to all other living species, ‘Human Ren’ was also conceived. The three Cosmic phenomena formulated the crucial ‘Heaven Tian’, ‘Earth Di’ and ‘Human Ren’ principle in the study of Daoism. When most cultures in the world were talking about Human Qi energy in the formats of spiritualism and religion, ancient Chinese teachings had already suggested that Human energy was mainly composed of a complicated network of Qi energy circulations. The Chinese concepts QiLun of Human energy RenQi refers to the vitality Shen of the organic internal organs of the Human body. Traditional Chinese medicine further recommends that there are different types of Human Energy. The main 12 circulations of living organ energy rotate in a 12-hrs clock cycle continuously until the individual life ceases to exist.

Film Intro

Apart from the above Organs energy ZangFuQi and Meridians energy JingLuoQi, there are also the ‘Congenital energy Yuan Qi’; ‘Sexual energy Jing Qi’; Vitality energy XueQi; Blood energy XueQi; Nutrition energy YingQi; Immune energy WeiQi; Integrated energy ZhongQi and various other energies. Here, one should take note that Human energy should never be taken as single phenomenon. The vibration from each organ cell will be different because the function of individual organ is not the same. Since the vibration of Qi energy from each organ cell is different, the function of individual organ will be varied. Therefore, Human energy should never be taken as one single phenomenon. In addition, it should never be taught with any spiritual or religious interpretations. Dr. Leung YK. PhD. (Shi DeLon) wrote in his 250,000 words dissertation: ‘Today’s Science has helped us to understand what the ancient Chinese teachers tried to tell us about the concepts of Heaven energy TianQi; Earth energy DiQi and Human energy RenQi. Chinese Human energy work is a very complicated Traditional Chinese Medicine study and should be taken seriously because people’s life is involved. There are no Spirits, Gods nor Devils in Human energy works, only Science.

What is XingQiShu (QiGong) and DaoYinShu (TaiChiQuan)? The origins of Ancient Chinese Human Energy practices are age-old and widespread. One of the earliest terms used in energy practices in China is ‘XingQiShu’, which literally translates as ‘moving of the energy’. The earliest archaeological evidence of this term comes from a piece of jade carving XingQiYuPeiMing (Spring and Autumn period 771BC). There are 45 ancient characters describing ancient breathing techniques TuNaShu carved on the surfaces of the stone. This is the earliest archaeological evidence of the origins of what is now known today as QiGong. Another one of the earliest terms used is the term ‘DaoYinShu’, which translates to ‘manipulating and inducing practice’, which was recorded on an ancient brocade painting, depicting early illustrations of some of today’s TaiChiQuan movements. XingQiShu or QiGong is a discipline that aims to cultivate Qi, initiating ‘self-healing’ and ‘health promotion’ through a system of co-ordinated physical movements, breathing and meditation routines. Its practice is a common ground among many different aspects of traditional Chinese culture. There is a detailed theory that accompanies it, which includes elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Daoist medicine, where its health benefits are used to prevent and cure illnesses. QiGong is an important method of ‘self-cultivation’ and also an important part of various traditional Chinese Philosophies, including Daoism, Confucianism and Chinese Buddhism. Likewsie, QiGong is an important part of both ‘Internal’ Chinese Martial arts such as TaiChiQuan and ‘External’ martial arts, where ‘hard Qi Gong’ is used to perform extraordinary displays of martial ability - the ‘Iron Shirt’ practice, where the body can withstand heavy impact. TaiChiQuan is an ‘Internal’ martial art, which is practiced as a form of ‘Human energy’ work that designated to cultivate various energies Qi in the body for health benefits, as well as means of self-defence, exercise and meditation.

Spontaneous Qi Gong Therapy - ‘ZiFaGong’ In the past, the incredible ‘self-healing’ ability of the human mind and body was often interpreted in a way that best suited the time, place and general perception towards these extraordinary events. This meant that in certain cultures extraordinary ‘self-healing’ events were commonly associated with spiritual or religious beliefs, leading to either a great appreciation or a great fear of such practices. For example, accounts of healing in certain cultures were often viewed positively and thought of as a result of ‘Spirits’ or ‘God/s’, triggered by certain gifted individuals that were regarded as healers or Saints. If the general attitude towards the unexplainable and extraordinary events, which were conflicting with the general perception, certain practices would be condemned and interpreted as a result of ‘Demons’ leading to their declines and occasionally eliminations. Therefore, in order to further research ancient practices of ‘self-healing’ and ‘health promotion’, a modern interpretation of various ancient texts will be needed in order to interpret the phenomena that occurred. One example of a practice that has been interpreted in a spiritual or religious context and condemned throughout Chinese history is the extraordinary phenomena of ‘ZiFaGong’, which directly translates to the ‘practice of unleashing oneself’ or what is commonly known as ‘Spontaneous QiGong therapy’ of today. This phenomenon is well documented in many Chinese texts and is also known as ‘Zou Huo Ru Mo’ which directly translates to ‘catching the devilish fire’ due to its powerful and frightening nature. Random and spontaneous physical movements such as shaking and spasms of the muscles or larger movements of the body and limbs, as well as the outbursts of emotions that can occur when a person is practicing QiGong, characterize it. This phenomenon was often associated with extraordinary ‘self-healing’ abilities and was once even recommended as part of the healthcare therapy in Ancient China during the Tang Dynasty as treatment for ‘Psychological’ problems.

However, over time, ZiFaGong was slowly phased out of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. Worse still, such practices were labelled as superstitious or religious practices due to its frightening nature and the limited scientific knowledge at the time. The practice of ‘Spontaneous QiGong’ is indeed very powerful and must be done under the supervision of experienced teachers, as it can often be overwhelming and dangerous if it is inappropriately practiced. This often left it vulnerable to religious or spiritual interpretations and was often associated with social and religious cults. This is why it was often condemned in the past and treated as a sensitive subject, which many scholars often avoid discussing the subject. A large void in Chinese literature was then created, which left it opens to ridiculous misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Even today, the phenomenon of ‘Spontaneous QiGong’ is still misinterpreted and condemned and is still often thought of either as spiritual practices, or malpractices of traditional QiGong. Indeed, it is only true if it were performed without appropriate guidances. ACHE research will aim to rectify these misinterpretations and further investigate and develop the practice of ‘Spontaneous QiGong’ as means of natural ‘self-healing’ therapy of human mind and body. Such task could be achieved by using modern scientific knowledge to interpret the ancient Chinese practices.

Over a period of 20 years, ACHE has acquired a large amount of experiences in this field and also, collected a large amount of DVD film footages in psychological and physiological clinical case studies. When XingQiShu or QiGong practices have reached the level of ‘Spontaneous QiGong or ZiFaGong’, the phenomena may appear to be dangerous and similar to many spiritual healing practices. Nevertheless, ZiFaGong has nothing to do with spiritualism or religion at all. The phenomenon is a natural occurrence that aims to reach the level of an ‘Altered state of consciousness’, in which ‘subconscious’ status of the mind can positively affect the bodies ‘self-healing’ ability. When in such an occurrence, the brain can trigger involuntary movements of skeletal muscle and intense emotional outbursts can occur, which eventually settled down into a sense of tranquillity (as described by people experiencing it). In order to reach this level of ‘self-healing’, the ‘Internal’ physical exercises of XingQiDaoYinShu have to be practiced. This includes the ‘mechanical’ routines of breathing, meditation skills and the manipulation of muscular system. Such correct physical exercises GongFa can trigger ‘electrical signals’ of the central nervous system. One theory is that successful manipulation can induce the ‘bio-chemical’ reaction, thus releasing natural body medicines within the Neuro-Endocrine system, initiating the ‘self-healing’ abilities of the human mind body. What was previously interpreted through religious or spiritual context can now be interpreted through the study of modern Western and Chinese medical science. However, more researches are required to increase the understanding and development of the Ancient Chinese Human Energy study. Hopefully, now is the time to scientifically investigate this age-old Chinese knowledge and further develop traditional XingQiDaoYinShu (QiGong and TaiChiQuan) into a natural medical science in which people will be able to benefit from the superior ‘self-healing’ ability of their own minds and bodies.

How ACHE research work can benefit you?

Traditional practices in human energy are unique and very powerful in almost every ancient culture. Many of these traditions have maintained long history and ‘roots’ in their own specific techniques, it is therefore not recommended to ‘mix’ these teachings because their methodologies would be different in both theory and practice. Due to the lack of scientific research into some of these spiritual and religious systems, it could be possible that mixing techniques from these cultures without fully realizing the implications and consequences can be dangerous. Reports of people becoming ill, both psychologically and physiologically, have been recorded - and in some extreme cases, fatalities have been documented. ACHE research will attempt to provide more science-based advices for those who are interested in Ancient Chinese Human Energy practices. With the use of video case studies and interviews collected over 20 years, including articles from leading professionals in our editorial section, ACHE research aims to offer professional and scientific advice allowing you to make sensible judgements for yourself. ACHE research is also currently working closely with the Hong Kong University and GuangXi University to create some scientific based curriculums of XingQiDaoYinShu for part-time study. Watch this space!

What is the ultimate objective of ACHE research?

The ultimate (wider) objective of ACHE research is to establish a safe, publicly available curriculum, which will enable all people to tap into their innate potential as human beings, with the ability to boost the immune system to not only cure illness and disease but to prevent sicknesses on a wider scale. With the science and technology available to Mankind today, the likelihood of this becoming a reality beckons ever closer.